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When I couldn’t find the perfect mutes, I decided to create them. I’ve designed and created a line of high-quality mutes made from wooden rings and velvet ribbon in a variety of colors for alto and tenor saxophone. Alto mutes measure 2.75 inches in and Tenor mutes measure 3.25 inches in diameter. They are available for purchase at Meridian Winds and Etsy.

Mertens Mutes

"The purpose of the mute is twofold: to absorb some of the higher overtones, giving the tone a more mellow character and lower the pitch of low C, B, and Bb in increasing degrees.  Use of the saxophone mute tends to equalize the resistance in the instrument, and makes certain notes easier to control when playing softly." 

Larry Teal, "The Art of Saxophone Playing" 

Official Website of American Saxophonist Nathan Mertens

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