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Austin Saxophone Ensemble

The Austin Saxophone Ensemble (ASE) was conceived in the Spring of 2013, when a dozen colleagues gathered to read through music and discuss the formation of a standing ensemble. The group consists of graduates of the Butler School of Music at UT Austin, who are all professional musicians in the greater Austin area as players, teachers, and composers. As a city that thrives on high caliber live music, Austin is the perfect home for this ensemble. ASE creates a new stage for classical saxophone and explores the depths of artistic expression with its audience. Though the saxophone is most frequently associated with jazz, ASE exposes the listener to the full potential of the saxophone without stylistic limitations. With an educational outreach component, music students in the area will have an opportunity to experience the capabilities of the saxophone in performance.

2013-2014 marks the inaugural season for the Austin Saxophone Ensemble. Through four fascinating concerts, ASE will lead the Austin community on an explorative journey into a new sound as vibrant and unique as the city it calls home.

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