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Project with Polish Artist

Had a great time collaborating with Polish conceptual visual artist, Pio Bujak for his 2019 shows in Japan and Poland. I recorded a few national anthems for his work entitled, "AN-ANTHEM-A -> audio installation feat. Nathan Mertens /on saxophone/" - Looking forward to seeing the final result! More details coming soon!

Piotr Bujak (b. 1982 in Będzin) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice oscillates between video, installation and object art; author of texts and cultural-political activist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (2009) and San Francisco Art Institute (2012). Recipient of scholarships of the Fulbright Foundation and of the Japanese government. He is currently working on his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University of Cracow, and since 2017 he has been carrying out a research project at Tokyo University of the Arts. He studied under Lynn Hershman and Stephanie Syjuco. In his practice he is interested in combining the punk culture of defiance, minimalism, conceptualism, the neo-avant-garde, situationism, appropriation art and a critical discourse. Drawing on the strategies of low budget, “quick and dirty,” DIY and “hit and run,” he analyses notions connected with the pathologies of neoliberalism, violence, identity, cultural heritage and politics. He often experiments with found objects and consumer goods.

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