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Online Saxophone Summer Camp

I'm thrilled to be teaming of with Jess Voigt-Page for SAA Online Sumer Camp! Check it out!


Worried you’re going to miss saxophone this summer?

Want to keep playing the saxophone but have NO IDEA what to do?!

Do you have a curiosity about what in the world saxophone beatboxing is?

Maybe you feel like NO-ONE in your home understands you when you talk about reeds, how out of tune your middle D is, or which neckstrap is best?

Join us for our 2020 SAA Saxophone Summer Camp - ONLINE!

For 2020, we’re doing something totally new, and TOTALLY AWESOME.

Not only do you have the change to go to summer camp with your friends in your town, in 2020, you can go to summer camp with friends from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

We’ve also connected up with some of our best friends in saxophone, and because technology lets us do ANYTHING WE WANT TO, we’re doing just that.

We are thrilled to announce that

Gillian Blair (UK), Derek Brown - BEATBoxSax(US), Stephen Page (Texas) and Shawna Pennock (Nevada) will be joining us this summer.


Head over to our website for ALL the details, and register TODAY!

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