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SAA Final Video

Last week at Saxophone Academy Austin Online Summer Camp was so great! The week was full of wonderful students from all over North America and amazing colleagues! I think this video really encapsulates how much fun we all had!

We are so excited to share the hard work from 2020’s online Saxophone Academy Austin Summer camp. We had amazing campers joining us from all of the US and Canada, and we're thrilled to share this video with you all!

Thank you to all of our amazing campers and their families for joining us this week and we hope you’ll join us again in the future!

“Funky Sax” by Phillipe Geiss


SAA 2020 Campers

Derek Brown

Nathan Mertens

Jess Voigt Page

Funky Sax by Phillipe Geiss can be purchased at

Video by Tiffany Galus


dditional parts by Shawna Pennock!

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