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Comprised of twelve established saxophonists from across the world the Tenor Saxophone Collective is the performing ensemble of the TSC!

The ensemble made it's acclaimed debut at SaxOpen Strasbourg (World Saxophone Congress 2015) and has since performed at EurSax17 Porto and the World Saxophone Congress in Croatia!

Presenting new and original works exclusively for the tenor saxophone the group plunder and explore the great depths and versatility of the instrument in this unique and exciting setting!

Past and current members include; Arno Bornkamp [Netherlands], Joåo Pedro Silva [Portugal], Jenni Watson [UK], Isabel Anjo [Portugal], Nathan Henshaw [Australia], Andy Scott [UK], Rodrigo Villa [Spain], Rob Buckland [UK], Alfonso Padilla [Spain], Henrique Portovedo [Portugal], Erin Royer [Australia], Kyle Hutchins [USA], Gilly Blair [UK], Luis Riberio [Portugal], Matt London [UK], Niels Bijl [Netherlands], Nathan Mertens [USA], Christoph Enzel [Germany], Erik-Jan de With [Netherlands] and Peter Leung [Australia].

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